November 1944

November 01, 1944

Command Post
Amance, France
012400 November, 1944

No change in division front lines. Little activity. 2000 rounds of indirect fire fired into enemy lines during the night.

French civilians are creating trouble by stealing US supplies. Gas and food is being stolen from railway cars. A few days ago a band of French civilians armed of course, held up the 5th Inf Division’s kitchen, wounding one cook and stealing all the supplies within the kitchen.

The enemy is improving his positions by using barbed wire entanglement in the division sector. A prisoner from the 2d company, 1127th Inf stated that the 6th company of the same regiment is located in woods east of Gremecey, coord Q1025. He also identified both the 1st and 2d battalions of this regiment in these woods. The strength of the 2d company, 1127th Inf is 132 enlisted men.

With the positive identification of 2 battalions of the 1127th Inf in the 134th Inf sector and 1 battalion of the 1125th in the 137th Inf sector enemy reserves are estimated to be one regiment; the 1126th Inf. This regiment is believed to be located in the Foret de Chateau-Salins.

The kitchen and battalion trains of the 1st battalion, 1127th Inf are located at Obreck. Artillery ammunition dump for this regiment is known to be in the vicinity of Morhange.

The enemy continued active patrolling during the hours of darkness.

The 3rd battalion, 137th Inf received scattered artillery fire at 1300 hours, believed to have come from friendly batteries to the left of the unity through error.

At 1340 hours, 3 enemy planes flew over the area on reconnaissance.

The construction of barbed wire entanglements reported in the vicinity of Coutures. An enemy patrol consisting of 5 men who could speak English fluently, stopped two jeeps by flagging them down with a red flashlight in the vicinity of Noncel; killed the occupants, took the jeeps and entered our lines, where they were fired upon by Company “B”, 654th TD Battalion, at which time they abandonedthe jeeps. Two of the enemy were killed and two captured. The 5th one succeeded in getting away.

Enemy patrols are operating in and to the rear of our lines during the night. Guards must be forever alert and halt every person or vehicle and those who do not halt will be fired upon at once.

G2 of Corps reports that enemy agents equipped with radios have been dropped behind our lines by parachute. Interrogation of these individuals indicate that similar agents will be sent into allied territory in this manner. All personnel will, at once, intensify their check on the activity of enemy planes, especially those which fly low and circle an area. Any agent that is captured must be held in the greatest secrecy and reported to the G2 section of the division at once by the most expedient means of communication.

No change in the positions of the CP during the period. The infiltration of enemy patrols and the dropping of parachutist by the enemy has again brought the unit to an alert status.

One enemy plane flew over the area at 2300 hours.

Brigadier General Earnest and Lt-Col Cadenhead, 1st TD Group, visited the CP during the afternoon. T/43Wiggand, H1 Co admitted to hospital. Weather was cold with rain.

No change in Company “A”. No enemy contact.

No change in Company “B”. An enemy patrol, which had succeeded in penetrating our lines, after killing a party of US soldiers and taking the jeeps in the vicinity of Moncel approached the 1st platoon AT positions at 0130 hours. The guard Pvt1cl Patrick ordered the party to halt. They disregarded his order and he opened fire on them, at which time Sergeant Shepherd opened fire on them with his .30 caliber machinegun from his tank, and the other members of the crew tossing hand grenades at the jeeps which was road bound due to a road block in the platoons positions. The enemy succeeded in killing the guard from the 26th Div who was guarding the road block before the members of the 1st platoon opened fire on them. Private Patrick shot one of the enemy patrol dead, and Sergeant Shepherd killed three others as they jumped out of the jeeps and fled into the draw. One of the five escaped, but it is thought that he too was hit, and was seriously wounded. Action occurred while platoon was in AT positions 1 mile SW Chambrey, France. The 2d platoon supported the 127th FA Bn in indirect fire missions during the period and the 3rd platoon remained in AT positions 1 1/2 miles E of Gremecey, France.

Company “C” no change. No enemy contact. IN support 134th Inf.

November 02, 1944

Command Post
Amance, France
022400 November, 1944

The 319th Inf, 80th Div attacked at 011300 Nov with mission of clearing enemy from west of Seille River around Aboncourt and Letricourt. Mission was accomplished during the period.

All elements of the division continued to defend their respective sections.

The 219th FA Battalion fired 10 rounds of propaganda material into enemy positions. 1800 rounds of indirect fire fired into enemy positions during the night by the 654th TD and 737th Tank Battalions.

The information below was obtained from a noncommissioned officer taken prisoner from the 2d company, 1127th Inf, by the night patrols of the 134th Infantry:

“The prisoners platoon is in the woods at coord 072246. The rest of the company, consisting of about 132 men extends from this woods to the north as far as the railroad tracks. The company is composed of 3 platoons, with one platoon attached from another unit. The 1st platoon has 8 heavy MGs; the 2d 4 light MGs and 20 new machine pistol Model ’43 and the 3rd platoon is armed with machine pistols, while the attached platoon is armed with all these weapons.”

“Defensive preparations are being made for the winter and the prisoner stated that his platoon finished their installations the night he was captured: 1 November. The defensive setup is: About 15 yards in front of the woods there is a net of trip wires connected with hand grenades. A listening post is located at the prominent up-rooted tree behind the trip wires. The guard on duty at the listening post can warn the men in the woods of approaching danger by pulling a wire connected to the grenades which will cause them to explode, giving the alarm. Behind the listening post stretches a four-strand barbed wire fence to which are attached empty tin cans. To the rear of this runs a “S” roll of barbed wire. Behind the listening post a path zigzags through the wired area. They are now working on connecting trenches in the woods. The 1st platoon are on the high ground at coord 076253. The 2d company’s CP is in a pillbox in the same area. To the left of the 2d company and at coord 072239 is the 6th company. The area between the two companies is open, but covered by MG fire from the 6th company. Six days ago prisoner saw about 6 AT guns along the edge of the woods at coord 080244. The kitchen as well as the battalion trains are at Obreck. The ammunition is brought from a dump some 30 kilometers distant, beyond Morhange.”

The enemy continues to run supply vehicles into Fresnes and Jallaucourt during darkness. He harassed all forward positions with artillery and mortar fire during the period. Over 150 rounds fell in the sector during the period around Chambrey, Moncel and Gremecey.

One tank was heard in Fresnes last night. Enemy patrol activity increased but the use of flares decreased last night for some reason.

The latest interpretation of enemy flares are: White indicates enemy positions; Red call for artillery; Violet warning of allied tank attack and Green that their artillery is falling on them.

A captured enemy agent confessed that he was sent to sabotage US pipe lines and that he was instructed to pretend that he was a refugee, and to give tactical information to the first US officer he contacted.

There was no change in the CP group during the period. Snow fell for the first time during the night; a storm warning that winter is about to envelop the western front.

No change in company “A”.

Company “C” no change. 3rd platoon fired indirect fire during night.

No change for company “B”. 2d platoon fired indirect fire during the night. No enemy contact by any of the battalion organizations.

November 03, 1944

Command Post
Amance, France
032400 November, 1944

No change in front lines. Division continued to defend sector with little activity other than patrols. 1500 rounds artillery fired into enemy lines during the period. 2 ME 109s flew over area at 1000 hours strafing.

The enemy continued to improve his positions in vicinity of Mallaucourt and Coutures . An ammunition DP was located at Bacourt.

The enemy is building up an artillery concentration along ridge Juville, Puzieux. No definite battery located.

The enemy harassed some sectors with artillery and mortar fire during the period; especially Chambrey Leyr and Fossieux.

The 48th Div AT battalion reported in Delme. Two SP guns reported moving west from Fossieux toward Chenicourt at 0415 hours.

Two rounds WP fire fell in vicinity of Fresnes. One concentration fell at coord U9629 at 0120 hours. No enemy patrol activity reported during the night. A marked map captured by 80th Div places the boundary between the 48th Inf Div and 559th Div along the Mallaucourt – Lemoncourt – Delme road.

Enemy casualties estimated 33; No prisoners.

There was no change in the CP during the period. One enemy plane over the area at 2300 hours in the rain.

Movie held at the Chateau Fontaine during the evening.

Since “D-Day” 6 June, 1944, the U.S. Army has captured a total of 637,544 enemy prisoners.

Two whores caught in the 1st U.S. Army area CP acting as enemy agents.

Captain Berry relieved as battalion S-3 and Captain Benton formerly company commander of company “C” assumed duties of battalion S-3.

No change in company “A”. 2d platoon fired indirect fire during the night.

Pvt1cl Ralph Rogers promoted to T/5 grade. Privates Hatcher and Schaeffer promoted to Pvts1cl. Company continued to support 137th Inf. No enemy contact.

Company “C” no change. No enemy contact. In support 134th Inf.

Company “C” No change. 1st Lt. Scott P. Cooper assumed command of company. 3rd platoon fired indirect fire with 127th FA Bn during the night. No enemy contact during the period.

November 04, 1944

Command Post
Amance, France
042400 November, 1944

No change in division lines. No enemy contact. All quiet. 2000 rounds of artillery fired into enemy positions during the night..

The weather was cold, overcast with showers.

The 134th Inf reported barbed wire entanglements on the east and in the vicinity of Fresnes. The enemy used the roads between Fresnes and Mallaucourt as supply routes during the night.

There was a decrease in enemy artillery fire during the period. A few rounds fell in Brin and Armoucourt.

Enemy patrols were active last night in the north.

Two women prostitutes were arrested yesterday in Luxembourg in an establishment frequented by allied officers. One admitted that she had been the secretary for the Nazi party for two years and the other was the wife of a German soldier. They both admitted that they had considerable information obtained from officer friends.

A further report of 3 German officers captured near Waville yesterday indicates that one of them had lived and worked in Detroit, Michigan for 14 years; returning to the Reich in 1939. These officers report getting the pass word from our sentries while still wearing German helmets. The group had complete information of a Corps disposition, with emphasis on artillery positions, and were returning to their Metz Headquarters when captured.

T/4 Alden J. Pouche was attached to Headquarters for rations and duty. He is Captain Benton’s orderly and driver.

There was no change in the battalion CP during the period. Two enemy planes were over the area at 2200 hours.

A movie was shown in the companies and at Chateau Fontaine during the evening.

No change in Company “A”. Staff Sergeant James P. Davis, sergeants Nelson P. Griffin, Robert J. Owens, Kenneth F. McEachern, Glenn M. Searcy, Claude Crabtree were awarded bronze star medals.

Sergeant Barrington awarded oak leaf cluster; all presented by Colonel Miltonberger, the CO of 134th Infantry.

The 2d platoon fired 284 rounds indirect fire during the night. 1st and 2d platoons in AT positions at coord 982262 and 989264, respectively.

Company “B” no change. Company rear in Bioncourt; forward in Attilloncourt. 1st platoon to indirect fire missions during the night. Fired a total or 309 rounds.

Company remained in support of 134th Inf during the period. No enemy contact.

No change in Company “C”. 1st Lieut. O’Meara assigned and joined company from company “B”. Company remained in support of 134th Inf during the period. No enemy contact.

Rcn Company no change. 2d Lieut LaFond appointed 1st Lt. as of 1 November. Sgt Boyd N. Driggers, company “B” from duty to hospital.

November 05, 1944

Command Post
Amance, France
052400 November, 1944

Division continued to defend sector and make preparations for an all out assault on the enemy lines in the near future. 1500 rounds of artillery fire fired into enemy positions during the night.

The weather was overcast, cold with rain during the period.

Night patrols continue to find unoccupied positions to our north. Six artillery guns located at coord 07553216 and one SP guns at coord 0617283. It is believed that the 11th Pz Div, just reorganized and re-enforced is in the corps zone.

150 rounds of artillery fell in our area during the period, mostly 105mm and the bulk of it fell just at dusk dark.

Two ME109s flew over the sector at 1515 hours.

The enemy maintains vigorous patrols to our north. Excessive flares continue to be used by the enemy during the darkness.

VI Corps reports a new German uniform which cannot be distinguished from American at a distance of 15 yards. The 45th Inf Div found a 21 day time bomb (four of them) in their area, each weighing 1500 pounds, and concealed in the basement of large buildings which would normally be used as shelter for troops or a headquarters.

Estimated enemy casualties: 35. No prisoners.

Grand total of prisoners captured by the division and attached units as of this date: 7497

There was no change in the CP group. One enemy plane flew over the area at 2330 hours and was fired on by our 448th AAA Battalion.

No change in Company “A”. Private Harrelson accidentally wounded himself when his carbine accidentally discharged.

T/5 James and Private Harrelson were admitted to hospital. Private Horace A. Brown returned to duty. NO enemy contact.

The forward CP of company “B” moved back to Attilloncourt during the period. NO enemy contact during the period.

No change in Company “C”. 2d platoon in indirect fire mission during the night. T/5 Slayton was admitted to hospital.

November 06, 1944

Command Post
Amance, France.
062400 November, 1944.

No change in division sector. 1900 rounds of artillery fired into enemy positions during the night. Weather: rained all through period.

Patrols report that the area between coord 001275 and 005275 is booby-trapped with trip wires.

A prisoner captured from 3rd company, 1125th Inf between Mallaucourt and Jallaucourt; 1127th Inf to our north.

One enemy battery located at coord 04253194, and two 105mm guns at coord 09602235. The 11th Pz Div newly reorganized and reequipped in Germany, moved into our sector during the period.

A prisoner stated that they received their supplies from Viviers. About 20 rounds of 88mm and 105mm artillery fell in the division sector during the period. Air photos show about 50 AA guns on Hill 281, coord 0732. Three enemy planes were over the sector at 2230 and 2400 hours. Of 15 armored vehicles reported in the vicinity of coord Q1022222, only four were left this morning; two of which are believed to be dummies. It is believed that the other vehicles moved out in a NE direction.

FFI reports mines on roads from Chateau-Salins to Coutures and from Chateau-Salins to Chambrey, have been removed. They also report enemy mines at coord RJ096261 and railroad bridge coord 104252 and grade crossing at coord 092272.

There was increased flare and patrol activity during the night. Horse drawn vehicles came from Viviers to Malaucourt and Jallaucourt at 2000 hours.

The 36th German Inf Division, consisting of 6600 men and 15 tanks moved into the XII Corps sector, thought to be between the 35th and 80th Divisions.

Estimated enemy casualties: 35. 1 prisoner captured.

There was no change in the positions of the unit during the period. Enemy planes were over the area at 2330 hours in the rain, but were driven away by AA fire. The 240mm guns in our area loosed a volley on an enemy target during the night. Some large caliber artillery, thought to be 150mm fell in the CP area during the early part of the evening. T/4 Ralph Sanders, HQ Co admitted to hospital.

Division and attached units prepared to attack upon corps order.

No change in Company “A”. 1st platoon in indirect fire mission during the night. A few shells fell in company area. No enemy contact.

No change in Company “B”. A few shells fell in the area with a large concentration about 1835 hours. Continued to support 134th Inf. No enemy contact during period.

Company “C” no change. No enemy contact. In support 134th Infantry.

Rcn Company no change. Private Kimball was admitted to hospital 5th Nov.

November 07, 1944

Command Post, Amance, France.
072400 November, 1944.

No change in division sector. Enemy initiated vigorous patrols and harassed our entire front with artillery fire throughout the period. The division remained in defensive position prepared to launch general attack, simultaneously with Third US Army at 0500 hours 8 November, 1944.

Division artillery fired 10 rounds propaganda ammunition into the enemy lines in front of the 137th Inf during the day; fired by 161st FA Bn. The 737th Tank, 654th TD and 448th AAA Battalion fired 2600 rounds of artillery into the enemy lines during the night.

The weather during the period was overcast with intermittent showers. Additional roadblocks and mines reported at coord 971322. Additional digging reported in the edge of woods at coord Q72270.

1st and 2nd battalions, 1125th Inf on the north of sector and 2nd battalion , 1127th Inf on the east. An enemy artillery battery located at coord 04643072 and 02833129.

The 11th Pz Div is available as a reserve in any sector of the corps sector. The 1126th Inf not definitely located but it is known to be in this sector.

The enemy continued defensive action with a greatly increased amount of artillery fire. Between the hours of 1825 and 1945 more than 400 rounds of 105mm, 88mm fire fell in the following areas: 150 rounds at coord 018227. 150 rounds at 005235; 50 rounds at 003230; 20 rounds at 041235; and 20 rounds at 9923. This would indicate that the enemy knows what is about to happen to him within a few hours from this hour.

Single enemy planes were over the sector at 2015, 2130, 0230, and 0330 hours on reconnaissance.

A great amount of enemy foot troop activity in Jallaucourt during the night, and at 1030 hours. Mortar and MG fire received from the Juree Woods throughout the day.

Vehicular movement reported between Jallaucourt and Maullaucourt during the night.

Three enemy batteries believed to have been destroyed at coord 046307, 029303 and 028313.

Estimated enemy casualties 25. No prisoners.

Corporal Halt, HQ Co admitted to hospital.

There was no change in the CP group. The division will attack on the morning of the 8 November. Enemy planes were over the area throughout the night on reconnaissance attempting to get the score but were driven off each time by fierce AA fire. It is rumored that a few parachutists were dropped in the rear of our lines.

The mud situation is becoming more and more critical. It has rained most every day since 1 September, with little prospects of getting a break for an attack. Blood and Guts says “Goddam the mud, we’ve got to crush these Goddam Heines now”.

There was no change in Company “A” during the period. Platoon all set for attack at dawn 8 November. The 1st platoon in reserve; 2nd in AT positions at coord 982262 and 3rd at 989264. No enemy contact. Ready to go.

No change in Company “B”. 1st platoon in AT positions 1-1/2 miles E Gremecey; 2nd 1 mile SW Chanmbrey and 3rd in reserve, then to indirect fire positions with 127th FA Battalion. No enemy contact.

Company “C” no change. 1st platoon in reserve vicinity of CP; 2nd in AT positions at coord 992226 and 3rd with 1 section at coord 047261 and 2nd section 051255. No enemy contact. S/Sgt Schewe duty to hospital; wounded by his gun Colt .45 automatic being discharged while cleaning it in Bioncourt. No enemy contact. In support 134th Inf during the period.

November 08, 1944

Command Post,
Bioncourt, France.
Coord 994226, 1/50,000
082400 November, 1944.

The 26th Inf Div attacked at 080600A; leading elements reported at Salonnes, vicinity Sur-Seille and Moyenvic at end of period. 80th Div attacked at 080600A. Leading elements reported at Aulnois-sur-Seille, Abaucourt, south of Epiy and at coord U845380, 892353, 930329 and 930302 at end of period.

4th AD, 19th FA, 353rd FA, 179 FA and 738 FA Battalions and 1135th Eng Group in direct support of division.

The weather during the period was cloudy with heavy rain the most of the period; clearing at the end of the period.

134th Inf assembled in division reserve except for covering force which was left in the line and the cannon company supporting the attack. Regiment prepared to move to second assembly area vicinity Vanndcourt on order.

137th Inf attacked with 737th Tank Battalion at 080600A with 2nd battalion on left and 1st battalion on the right. 1st battalion reached south edge of Jallaucdourt at 080730A where it received heavy fire from the town and from Juree woods. Company “C” fighting in Jallaucourt at end of period. The 2nd battalion reached Maiaucourt about the same time and Company “E” was fighting in the town at the end of the period. Company “G” occupied high ground east of Fossieux.

320th Inf with Company “C” 737th Tank Bn attached attacked at 080600A with 3rd battalion on left and 2nd battalion on right. At 080600A, Company “C”, 737th Tank Bn (one platoon) moved into Fresnes followed by the 3rd battalion. 2nd battalion advanced about 1000 yards from LD where it received heavy flanking small arms fire. At the end of period 3rd battalion was fighting in northern section of Fresnes and the 2nd battalion starting to move into Foret de Chateau-Salins.

The 216th FA battalion is in direct support of the 320th Inf supported by the 253rd, 179th, 127th and 738th FA Battalions. The 219th FA Bn is in direct support of the 137th Inf supported by the 802nd, 22nd, 66th, 191st, 94th and 161st FA Battalions.

Beginning at 080500A, all organic and attached artillery fired a 70 minute preparation for the division attack. After 080610A, organic and attached artillery fired call missions.

The 448th AAA Battalion continued defense of bridges in division sector. Company “C” 737th Tank battalion attached to 320th Inf; the remained of the battalion attached to the 137th Infantry.

Company “A” 654th TD Bn placed in support of 137th Inf; Company “C” in support of the 320th Inf and Company “B” in reserve. 35th Recon Troop reconnoitering division flanks.

Company “B” 60th Eng Bn (C ) placed in support of 137th Inf; Company “C” in support of 320th Inf. Cleared friendly mine fields along roads prior to 080600A to facilitate division attack. Completed improvised treadway bridge at coord Q999271 and bridge was open for traffic at 081030A. At end of period battalion was removing friendly mine fields booby-traps and sweeping roads in division sector.

The 1135th Eng Gp assisted the 60th Eng Bn in removing mine fields and repairing roads.

The division CP moved to new location at Attilioncourt at 071800A. Combat efficiency of the division: 95%.

Results of day’s operations were that the division attacked at 080600A and advanced steadily against moderate enemy resistance.

Enemy road blocks reported vicinity of RJ at coord 062283 and a large mine field and AT mines in the vicinity of Fresnes. French civilians who infiltrated through the lines reports mines along the sides of the road between Chateau-Salins and Remecourt; Couturea and Chateau-Salin. Prisoners have been captured from the 1st and 2nd battalions, 1125th Inf and from the 1st and 2nd battalions, 1127th Inf, also from the 155 Field Artillery Regiment. Prisoners report a large concentration of enemy artillery pieces on the SW edge of Foret de Chateau-Salins about coord 065285.

The 11th Pz Div or the 1127th Inf Regiment have not been located. The forward echelon of the 559th Inf Div believed to be located in Brehain and the CP of the 1127th Inf at coord 09852563.

The enemy strongly defended his prepared defensive positions and harassed our advance with artillery, mortar, small arms fire and mines.

A concentration of artillery fell in Chambrey at 0700A. Four SP guns fired on our troops from the Juree Woods as they advanced toward Jallaucourt. The 320th encountered artillery fire from the forest in the vicinity of Coutures in their sector.

Armored vehicles were reported moving in the vicinity of Jallaucourt and Fresnes last night. Tactical reconnaissance reports about 100 vehicles of various types in the vicinity of Luppy, coord 09843.

One JU88 was reported over the area at 1030 and one ME 109 at 1310 hours. It is now believed that the rise of the Seille River was due to recent rains and not enemy action.

Estimated enemy casualties 125. 68 prisoners captured.

Four SP guns in the Juree Woods were destroyed by artillery fire in the AM when they fired on our troops, their positions were picked up and TOTs laid on them.

Personnel may now state in personal correspondence that they are in the Third US Army under General Patton. No mention may be made of the XII Corps however.

At 080500A every gun in the division sector opened up simultaneously. The entire front was ablaze. The earth trembled and rocked and thousands of screaming shells were hurled into the enemy’s lines.

General Patton raced to the front at 0530 hours. Men came creeping from their foxholes and dug-outs to witness one of the fiercest barrages of the war which continued for one hour and ten minutes. The final curtain was about to rise for the exit of Hitlerism. When the artillery ceased the doughs lunged forward with bayonets chasing the terrified enemy toward the sacred Fatherland. As we rushed forward, piles and piles of dead krauts lay in the forests and hills. The ground was literally covered in places with dead Germans who died attempting to get away from the terrific artillery fire which the division had laid down upon them while they slept.

The entire Third US Army attacked simultaneously and for miles to the north the sky was a golden red in the black of the early morning as every artillery piece on the Third US Army front opened up on the enemy.

After overcoming the terrifying artillery attack and after retreating about 3 miles before he could regroup or pull himself together, the enemy launched a weak counterattack and was thrown back with terrific losses as our artillery and every automatic weapon, tank and tank destroyer, poured hot steel into his crumbling attack.

Prisoners came in crying; shell shocked; bleeding at the nose, ears and mouth. P47s and P51s joined the attack at daylight in the rain and bombed and strafed everything that moved in the enemy lines. Prisoners being carried back to the PW cage would start crying when they heard a plane overhead, failing to realize that they were US prisoners and away from the terrific air and artillery attacks. Prisoners represented a sad lot, nothing less than sad sacks. The enemy is completely demoralized in the sector and he is trying to get out the best way he can.

The command post moved from Chateau Fontaine near Amance, France, where it had been since the last of September, to a shell torn building in Bioncourt at 1230 hours. The mud is two feet deep and it is still raining. The earth is vibrating with artillery concussions from every gun in the division. How in the hell do they take it?

Every soldier at the front is wet and cold but he knows that this is the big show and he must keep going forward. There is now withdrawal now. To the east is the only route home; home or to the grave.

The CP of Company “A” remained at Manhoue during the period. The 1st platoon moved from coord 966244 to 974260 at 0900 hours in reserve. The 2nd platoon from coord 982262 to 985275 at 1600 hours, supporting the 137th Inf and the 3rd platoon in AT positions at coord 015274 in support of the 1st battalion, 137th Inf. No enemy contact during the period.

Pvtlcl James K. Page admitted to hospital. The CP of Company “B”, that is the forward CP moved to Pettoncourt at 1230 hours. The 1st platoon remained in AT positions 1-1/2 miles E of Gremecey; 2nd 1 mile SW Chambrey and 3rd 1 mile NE Pettoncourt at 0900 hours. Company in support of 134th Inf during the period.

Company “C” CP remained at Bioncourt. Company relieved from support of 134th Inf and placed in support of 320th Inf with objective as the Foret de Chateau-Salins. The 3rd battalion, supported by the 3rd platoon, reached their objective at 0830. At 1830 the 3rd platoon entered the town of Fresnes-en-Saulonis. The 2nd platoon took AT positions at coord V1045252. The 3rd platoon was under heavy enemy artillery, mortar and small arms fire throughout the period.

Rcn Company no change. Private Kimball from hospital to duty.

Terrific artillery fire laid on the enemy throughout the day and night. Forests, foxholes, buildings and roads are littered with enemy dead and wounded. Unit authorized to go under new T/O November, 1944.